Free food flop at Chick-Fil-A during Veterans Day

Harlingen Chick-Fil-A

An active duty Airman in uniform was denied a free meal during a Veterans Day promotion at Chick-Fil-A in Harlingen because he's not considered a veteran.

It angered the customer, who spoke to Action 4 News under the condition of anonymity due to rules about the media.

He felt embarrassed at the counter and called the promotion misleading.

Franchise owner Francisco Castellanos, who also once served in the military, says he meant no disrespect to the service member.

Castellanos added he was simply following a government definition for a veteran as someone who served.

Active duty members do get a 10-percent discount year-round, according to Castellanos who said he gave away about $1,500 worth of food during Monday TMs promotion.

But the Airman, who's spent a decade with the military, turned to social media to vent his frustration.

He was eventually offered a refund before he left.

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