French film festival comes to Matamoros

The 12th annual "Tour of French Film in Mexico" is coming to Matamoros.

The seven-day film festival starts Friday evening at the Cinepolis Plaza Fiesta in Matamoros.

The festival highlights contemporary French film including genres from thriller to comedy and drama.

The tour started on September 29 and is being shown in 26 cities in Mexico.

A schedule with links to each of the films being shown in Matamoros is listed below.

All films are in French with Spanish subtitles.

Click here for more information about the film festival.

12th Tour of French Film in Matamoros

Crimen de Autor Friday, October 175:15 pm 7:40 pm 10:05 pm

Pars Saturday, Octoer 181:35 pm 4:25pm 7:15pm 10:05pm

Un Secreto Sunday, October 193:05 pm 5:25 pm 7:45 pm 10:05 pm

Mi Pareja es mi Rival Monday, October 203:20 pm 5:35 pm 7:50 pm 10:05 pm

Cambiamos Pareja? Tuesday, October 213:20 pm 5:35 pm 7:50 pm 10:05 pm

Lo Que Mis Ojos Han Visto Wednesday, October 223:35 pm 5:45 pm 7:55 pm 10:05 pm

La Culpa la Tiene Fidel Thursday, October 234:40 pm 7:05 pm 9:30 pm

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