Friend of slain ICE Agent TMs family sounds off on tragedy

The body of slain ICE Agent Jaime Zapata has been flown to a federal medical examiner in Delaware, after the Houston Medical Examiner's Office turned the remains away.

As the family waits for final word on when they can bury their loved one, a close friend of the Zapata TMs sounds off about the tragedy.

"The feelings among his closest friends that have been there with the family have turned from grieving and a lot of sadness, we are still grieving, to a lot of anger and frustration, said the family friend.

The Zapata TMs have received calls from friends, strangers and even the President of the United States expressing condolences, and they're grateful for the support.

But they are not satisfied.

"What is the US TMs response going to be. Yes we hear all these quotes about condemning the act but what does that actually mean, said the friend.

It is these sort of questions, he says need to be answered.

Meanwhile, at this point we don't know if Agents Zapata and Avila were armed, but we do know the Mexican government does not authorize US law enforcement personnel to carry weapons.

Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada says Mexican officials should review that policy.

"It's unfortunate the criminals had the advantage when Jaime had no weapon to defend himself with. I am asking the Mexican government to reconsider their policy and to allow our agents to carry fire arms in order to defend themselves, said Ahumada.

The investigation into the shooting death of Zapata continues, as his family waits for the arrival of his body.

Brownsville is prepared to welcome dignitaries from Washington and all of Zapata TMs family and friends.

The city has offered the Brownsville Events Center as a venue for funeral services.