Friends and Family: 'Marchan was a good man'

Enrique Garrido had been Brownsville attorney Ray Marchan's neighbor for the past 20 years, until Marchan took his own life Thursday.

You never expect for something like this to happen and of course we're deeply saddened by our neighbor's death," Garrido said.

According to Cameron County investigators, Marchan took a cab to the highest point of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway early Thursday, and jumped to his death. Garrido said he never got involved with Marchan's professional, political or legal problems, and adds he doesn TMt care. He'll remember Marchan as a friendly inviting neighbor and dedicated father.

"It's unfortunate because we're just human, and sometimes we just don't know how to react when we feel we're in danger or in something we can't control, Garrido said. I guess in his desperation he took the wrong way out." Marchan's family reached out to Justice of the Peace Beenie Ochoa to deliver a message to the public about Marchan's death. In a statement, his sister Jacqueline Britton said, "The focus of this last year on his troubles should not overshadow the man he was. He was a loving father, to his children and a dedicated caregiver to hid disabled son.

He was a loving son, brother, husband family member and a good friend to many. He was kind and generous. He was a brilliant attorney, who helped many people facing tragedy in their own lives."

Ochoa agrees.

"Well you know there was pressure, no doubt about it, but I can't comment much about why (he committed suicide), Ochoa said. (There TMs) a lot of hurt, a lot of sympathy from a lot of friends and family. He was a good person."

Marchan TMs body will be cremated and a private ceremony will be held at his Brownsville home.