From roach infestation to rodent contamination at Subway in mall

Gonzalez Tortilla Factory in Brownsville

Wonder what Subway's Jared would say about rodent droppings at the Valle Vista Mall location in Harlingen?

The food court restaurant scores 6 demerits on a March 10th inspection.

It's not the first time this Subway has been exposed by the Food Patrol.

Back in May of 2012, roaches turned up on the walls, even in a worker's hanging subway cap.

Both times the restaurant called in pest control and the problem is said to be taken care of.

Salome's Steak House Meat Market on 490 South Hidalgo in San Benito is another repeat dirty diner on Food 4 Thought.

27 demerits turn up on an end of February inspection.

Some of the violations discovered include flies, a cross-contamination of raw chicken and improper hygiene practices with smoking.

The Food Patrol was at the business just 4 months ago.

Remember this encounter with presumed management?

"Are you the manager?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"Que paso?" he said.

"We're here about the health inspection report.... the mice droppings that were found in the back room," Ryan said.

"There are what?" the man questioned.

"Mice droppings," Ryan responded.

"No," the man said.

"See it right here on the report," Ryan pointed out.

"I don't care," the man responded.

"Who are you?" Ryan asked. "Are you Mauro?" referring to the owner's name who signed the report.

"You don't care who I am," he said while pushing the Food Patrol out the door. "I'm not going to let you in here."

"Don't push," Ryan said.

"We'll you get out of here then," the man said.

"What do you say to the customers?" Ryan asked while leaving.

"Nothing," he said.

Salome's scored 7 demerits on a re-inspection.

Ismael Najera says he turns to the Food Patrol before making any decisions on where to eat out.

"You guys have the top information," he said. "That's why I want to know. I don't want to get sick."

Gonzalez Tortilla Factory on 2008 Rancho Viejo Boulevard in Brownsville is the dirtiest this week on Food 4 Thought.

There are 47 demerits a March 5th inspection.

Inspector photos reveal roaches, rusty equipment and other filthy kitchen areas noted as violations on a report.

Sharky's Grill on 761 East Cano in Edinburg is this week's featured top performer with 0 demerits.

The restaurant gets a sticker from the Food Patrol.

"I'm excited," Rudy Zamorano, owner said. "I'm going to have to throw a big party for my employees. They earned it right. Congratulations."

Open weekdays for lunch from 10am to 3pm, Rudy says the menu is all about made to order, quality food.

"Everything is home-made," he said. "We make homemade tortillas. It's more of home cooked meals. Mexican home cooked meals. Fideo. Caldos."

You know what the Food Patrol says to that, "Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

HarlingenSubway 2020 Exp 83 (6) *Rodent Droppings*

San BenitoSalome TMs Steak House 490 S Hidalgo (27, 7) *Flies, Cross-Contamination*

BrownsvilleGonzalez Tortilla Factory 2008 Rancho Viejo Blvd (47) *Roaches, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

EdinburgSharky TMs Grill 761 E CanoMexican Caf 706 S ClosnerPizza Hut 1802 S ClosnerEl Patio Caf 2207 S Closner

McAllenCheddar TMs 3020 Exp 83

Port IsabelEasy to Go Tacos 225r Queen Isabella BlvdPizza Hut 1202 Hwy 100PI Caf 101 Queen Isabella Blvd

HarlingenPizza Hut 920 Morgan BlvdSubway 4706 S Exp 77

Los FresnosMario TMs Tacos 116 E Ocean Blvd