Fugitive man with gang related tattoos arrested in Harlingen

A 21-year-old man who had outstanding warrants was arrested in Harlingen.

Harlingen police pulled over Ramon Antonio Saenz for failing to stop at an intersection in his Dodge Intrepid.

After the driver was questioned about his name, he identified himself with a different name and date of birth than his own.

He also said he did not have his identification on him.

The other people in the vehicle allegedly appeared nervous, but they were released with the vehicle and Saenz was arrested.

He was arrested for no driver TMs license and failure to stop at a designated point.

During booking, the officer saw tattoos with a different name than he had previously given and gang related tattoos, related to the gang Sur 13.

After a search on the department criminal database, Harlingen police found out he had two warrants out for his arrest pertaining to aggravated assault and robbery.

He was given no bond for the warrants.