Funeral home makes generous donation to family whose 5-month-old died

Vega family

When Ricardo Sepulveda learned about the Vega family's heartbreak after the loss of their 5-month-old daughter named Aiyanna, he knew what to do.

"As a father, I've got 3 daughters myself, it really touched me," he told the family. "It's not every day that we get an opportunity to help somebody."

The general manager at Valley Memorial Gardens in Mission contacted Action 4 News to donate a beautiful stainless steel urn.

"We thought that would be the least we can do," he said to Aiyanna's parents. "So to try to ease your burden a little, I'm happy and I'm glad and feel very gratified to do this for you."

Little Aiyanna died on Saturday after a hard-fought battle with a genetic disease.

Her parents Jonathan Vega and Crystal Moreno couldn't afford a special urn and carried Aiyanna's ashes in a little box.

Their story aired on a special Pay it 4Ward episode Thursday night on Action 4 News.

They thanked Ricardo for the generous donation valued at more than $600.

"Thank you so much for helping us out," Jonathan told him. "I never thought that this was going to happen."

Crystal shared her happiness as well.

"It's exciting because it shows that people still care," she told Ricardo. "People have a heart. We don't know you, and for you to do this, it's a blessing. And I really appreciate it. Thank you."

Ricardo hopes other businesses step forward to action for people in need.

"I would challenge all business leaders, community leaders to reach out and help the community because when we all help each other out it just makes for a better standard of living for all of us," he said.

It's the power of Pay it 4Ward.

"It keeps going and going," Crystal said.

The funeral home's kindness is proof, she says, people really do care.

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