Future of Weslaco Police Chief Unclear

The future of Weslaco Police Chief Juan Sifuentes remains unclear.

Roberto Garcia, the Regional Attorney with the Combined Law Enforcement associations of Texas or CLEAT, wants the chief investigated on claims Sifuentes did little to stop a bank robbery he witnessed on September 16.

Some of the people Sifuentes swore to protect agree.

Not doing anything is totally irresponsible he shouldn't even be in that position if he was going to do something like that, said Wilson Dunn of Weslaco.

If he sees a crime in progress. Absolutely I think he should do something, said Stephanie Wiley. Isn't that what the police do?

According to a letter sent by CLEAT to Weslaco City Commissioners and the City Manager, claims Sifuentes was sitting in a parked car outside the city's La Joya Area Federal Credit Union, when two armed robbers fled the scene.

Sifuentes only called dispatch to report suspicious activity according the five page letter.

Dunn and Wiley say the police chief made a mistake.

"Even if you 're off duty you're supposed to uphold the law, said Dunn. If nothing else he could have at least followed them while he was calling for backup to have police officers follow him.

"He should have the level of training that would instinctively urge him to do what is necessary if he saw a crime in progress, said Wiley.

Other residents are happy with the chief's work so far and say there is still not enough information to prove Sifuentes was in violation of rules of conduct.

"As far as if he's doing a good job, said Joe Leal. So far it looks like it.

But Leal also says even he would have interfered in some way if he saw a crime in progress.

Action 4 did speak to Weslaco City Manager Leo Olivares who said they are looking into the allegations and are holding a preliminary investigation. Olivares says he still needs more time before deciding what action to take.