Future passport applications may require more information

Everyday thousands of people travel through International Bridges extending from one side of the Rio Grande Valley to another.

To get across a person has to their passport-but for those who do not have one---applying for one could get tricky.

Recently, the U.S. Department of State proposed a new biographical questionnaire for passport applicants.

The proposed new Form DS-5513 would require applicants to provide, among other information:

All addresses since birth Lifetime employment history Employer and supervisors names Employer addresses Employer telephone numbers Personal details of all siblings Mother's address one year prior to your birth Any "religious ceremony" around the time of birth

"What it all comes down to is racism," Sarah Jimenez said. "They think these people don't have all of their papers in order and that they aren't citizens."

Jimenez frequently travels from Reynosa to McAllen to visit her mother. She said, while the proposal would not affect her, it could affect other people who frequently travel to Mexico.

"If they're denied a passport and travel to Mexico they won't be able to come back becausee they won't have a passport," Jimenez said. "So there intent is for not so many Hispanics to be here."

Ricardo Contreras is with the Hidalgo County District Clerk's Office and said he is concerned if this proposal does pass.

Contreras said he understands where the U.S. Department of State is coming from.

But he said many of these applicants, especially if they are adopted citizens, would have a hard time compiling this information.