'Gallon Smashing' social media craze hits the Valley

First it was planking, the gangnum style and then Harlem shake.

This next craze could have a couple of teens facing serious consequences.

"Nowadays kids spend a lot of times on computers YouTube and social media and they pick up ideas quickly," La Feria Police Chief Donato Garcia said.

It's called gallon smashing, and its grabbing the attention of Garcia.

The act was caught on surveillance camera at El Centro Food Store. Wednesday night three teens walked in and participated in the messy prank.

"They walk in the store grab gallons of milk or juice and throw them in the air, splashing the juice everywhere," Chief Garcia said

Chief Garcia said this prank will not be tolerated.

He said they know who the three teens are and will be charged with a misdemeanor.

"Certainly they are not looking at any type of injuries that are going to be caused to them| they are not thinking about the consequences that they are facing and some of the people around them can get hurt for running to their aide because of the fluid that TMs spilled on the floor," Chief Garcia said.

Not only did they cause quiet a mess and a scare, but Chief Garcia said they also wasted resource and time since police and medics were called out to the scene.

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