Game Over for Coaches?

School district's attorney

Suspended Edcouch-Elsa High School head baseball coach Sergio Rubio was all smiles Wednesday night at a school board meeting for his proposed termination and non renewal.

There was an outpouring of support for the coach from players, EEISD faculty and his family.

His attorney John Shergold said Rubio has nothing to worry about.

"The allegations that have been made against Coach Rubio are 100% false, said Shergold. Coach Rubio followed all the policies and procedures as he's required to do and hopefully the district puts this behind them and reinstates him as head coach.

The school board suspended Rubio and assistant coach George Franco after administrators said they saw evidence proving how their failed supervision of teammates on a bus led to an apparent sexual behavior between students.

The school district's attorney said the bus surveillance video shows sex acts, a female student performing oral sex on a male student while the two coaches were just a few seats away.

Allegations Rubio's attorney disputes and Shergold said the coach thought it was a bad idea to have a girl on board the bus to begin with.

"Coach Rubio is the one who basically rang the alarm bell and basically said ~Hey school district, we should not have any female student trainers on the bus, TM claims Shergold. Well he put the word out March 1st and on March 5th what we said would happen did. A female student trainer was on the bus.

EEISD attorney, Gustavo Acevedo, told us back in April the coaches were apparently sleeping while the lewd acts were taking place.

"It appears to me and it would appear very clear to a reasonable person viewing the video that there was a serious lack of supervision going on. said Acevedo. At will, Assistant Coach George Franco was denied his job back by a 3- 2 vote.

The Edcouch-Elsa school district reset Sergio Rubio TMs hearing for next Wednesday.

A lawyer for the student allegedly involved in sexual behavior wants the surveillance video shown in closed session to protect her privacy rights.

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