Gamehaus shooting suspect was on parole for a past murder

Flores was convicted for the murder of Auden Camarillo

Some wounds never heal, that's how Rosaria Salazar feels about the beating death of her brother Auden Camarillo.

"Every day I think about my brother, every single moment, because my brother was a nice man," she said.

Christopher Flores was convicted of murder after Camarillo died from severe head trauma.

A jury gave him 10 years in prison for the crime, but a year short of that sentence he was released on parole.

Salazar was shocked to see his picture in the news in connection to a deadly shooting at a McAllen bar.

"I went down in tears, I saw his picture and I said oh my god," Salazar said.

Flores was allegedly involved in a fight inside Gamehaus last week that lead up to the murder Daniel Avila outside the bar.

Police said Flores left the crime scene but was later arrested and charged with failing to report the murder and possession of marijuana.

Now the family of Camarillo is baffled to learn he was allowed to leave prison early.

"He doesn't need to be out here, he doesn't," Salazar said.

Even though police said Flores didn't pull the trigger in this murder, Salazar said he is guilty by association.

She points to the last bar fight he got into with her brother.

"Christopher Flores hit him in the right side of his head with brass knuckles," Salazar said.

The force of the punch sent him straight to a cement floor and knocked him unconscious.

A month later he was taken off life support.

The pain is still fresh but Salazar said she is now focused on the recent murder.

She has this message for the family of Avila.

"I want to tell them to be strong, and be there for Daniel take justice," she said.