Gang leader to be sentenced to 30 years

The future one of San Juan's most prominent gangs is uncertain, as one of the founding fathers of the Tri City Bombers could spend decades behind bars for murder.

Jeffrey "Dragon" Juarez appeared in Hidalgo County court Friday morning awaiting his sentencing for a murder-for-hire scheme he orchestrated back in 2010.

He's one of the original founders of the Tri City Bombers street gang also known as TCB.

It started as a dance club in the early 90's in the PSJA area and grew into a criminal organization.

"It's a very strong organization within our cities, San Juan Police Sgt. Rolando Garcia said.

Garcia said the department has identified more than 100 members in San Juan alone and the problems they cause are increasing.

In recent weeks we have been very active with them. We have caught two of them, this past week with weapons with a round in the chamber ready to go, Garcia said.

Not only are they committing crimes but hurting innocent law abiding citizens.

"What concerns us is they are targeting citizens not associated with any gang or illegal activity, Garcia said.

Although Juarez faces decades in prison, Garcia says they don't suspect the gang will go away.

"Someone will step in that show and take on that role and the gang will most likely continue, Garcia said.

With leadership in limbo, the police department says they will remain aggressive and continue to educate the young on the dangers of gangs.

"We don't want to have kids and other member's branch out and do anything because there is no leadership right now, Garcia said.

Juarez is already serving 20 years in federal prison for drug trafficking and distribution charges.

After entering a plea deal with state prosecutors, Juarez was expected to be sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday but due to a technicality his sentencing was moved to next week.