Gang members arrested, blamed in recent home invasions

A Monday afternoon car chase has lead authorities to take down part of a gang responsible for several local home invasions.

Two alleged gang members led several law enforcement agencies on a chase in Hidalgo County.

It all ended off I Road and Expressway 83 in San Juan.

Hidalgo county Sheriff's Office deputies found drugs, assault rifles and what appears to be a machine gun inside a blue car involved in the chase.

Sheriff Lupe Trevio told Action 4 News that the two men arrested are members of the Partido Revolucionario Mexicano, or PRM.

The sheriff said the Monday afternoon incident was all part of a larger investigation.

Sheriff Trevio said authorities have had a suspected gang stash house under surveillance.

Trevio said gang members used the home to keep stolen goods from area home invasions.

The two men led deputies on a chase from the home to I road and the expressway.

Trevio said this is the same gang that shot one if his own deputies with the help of the Gulf Cartel back in October.

"We're gonna do everything that we can to dismantle this gang and put them all away until we are done with them, Sheriff Trevio said.

The two men will be facing charges they are expected to be arraigned on Tuesday morning.