Gang Members Behind Bars for Car Burglaries

Three suspected gang members are behind bars connected to a crime spree which had been plaguing a San Juan neighborhood.Action 4 News met with a Facebook follower whose property was a target for the criminals several times over.After having his truck broken into several times, Robert Cavazos had enough.He tried just about everything to prevent burglars from breaking into his trucks.But he says no matter what he tried, thieves always found a way to break in."This is like the seventh or eighth time already," said Cavazos. "They stole one truck already, and they never found that one."Cavazos reached out to us on facebook to take action after another break-in occurred Thursday morning.He immediately reported it to the San Juan police department, and his call led police straight to three gang members, 20-year-old Erasmo Alvarado, 21-year-old Joshua Mata, and 20-year-old Arnold Serrato."It was later that the officers ran into them at another location in our city where they were breaking into another vehicle," said Sgt. Rudy Luna.Police immediately took the men into custody.One of the suspects was armed with what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun.It ended up only being a pellet gun, but it didn't stop officers from charging Joshua Mata with two counts of aggravated robbery.Cavazos is confident the reason the thieves didn't take his truck was because he installed kill switches, making it impossible for burglars to turn on the truck.And now that police have some suspects behind bars, Cavazos says he has some peace of mind. But it wont stop him from staying on the safe side."They'll keep on doing it," said Cavazos. "They're going to keep on, so more preventative measures and more stuff to try to crack down on them and get them is what we'll do."All three suspects had over $50,000 in bonds and were immediately transported to Hidalgo county jail after their arraignment.San juan police say they are still investigating to see if any other gang members have been involved.