Gas prices on the rise hurting consumers at home

There TMs been a spike in prices at the pump overnight, and Rio Grande Valley residents are experiencing it where it hurts. Their pockets!

It seems like every time residents turn around, the sign at gas stations increases the price of one gallon of gas by another penny, nickel or dime.

Consumers said the expense for gas has made it harder to do their everyday tasks.

Many told Action 4 News that they TMve seen their bill at the pump go up by at least $20 since the start of 2012.

As the national price continues to soar, gas prices are really hitting people hard in their wallets. And it all adds up.

"I was putting maybe about $45 a week and this is the most so far...about $75. said concerned consumer Charles Johnston.

Now they're making drastic changes by slashing budgets in creative ways, to make up for the lost cash.

"I definitely try to only make the trip in to town once per day, or try to minimize where I before I used to go more often, but I can't do that anymore." said another gas consumer Summer Reed.

Eating out, vacations and shopping round out consumers cut backs.

This year is reminiscent of 2008 when gas prices had hit hard.

Honestly, I think it's going to get worse this time around and it doesn't look like the price of gas is going to drop anytime soon, said Johnston. Just this week, the barrel of oil hit over $105...Inching closer to that crucial $110.

Action 4 News is monitoring prices in the valley so you can Pump 4 Less.

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