Gearing your kids up for a big week

STAAR testing gets underway this week for students for students across Texas.While they have spent much of their school year preparing for the test, nothing will help them more than proper nutrition. Elizabeth Phillips with Harlingen C.I.S.D. brought a few helpful tips to Action 4 Sunrise for parents needing a little extra help. Phillips says that every student needs to start their morning with powerful proteins such as whole grains or milk. Also don't forget to give your child fresh fruit each and every day to receive proper nutrients.Lastly, never send them to take a test of this caliber on an empty stomach. When students can't give their full attention to the test, it can harm their results and hurt their grade. Above all this, Phillips wants parents to know that these rules are not only for important dates such as this week, but year round to help your child succeed in the classroom.