George Strait tickets sold on "La Pulga" site cause concern

George Strait tickets for sale on La Pulga on-line

With many people not able to snag a George Strait ticket from a reliable source, they're searching online to see what's available.

That's how one viewer came across this post on a site called La Pulga on Facebook.

A man whose own Facebook profile states he "worked at State Farm Arena" is selling 20 tickets to the concert at $450 dollars each.

He then posts again dropping the price a bit, selling 2 for $800. Still more than what the ticket is worth.

Trying to turn a profit isn't his crime, but when the State Farm Arena only allowed a limited amount to be bought by each customer and this man claims to work or have worked for the same arena, his actions are questionable.

Action 4 News took the concerns to the regional general manager of the State Farm Arena Mark Solis.

"He's a part-time employee who worked two events during the month of April," Solis told Action 4 News about the ticket seller in question.

Solis says as soon as Action 4 News contacted him about the ticket sales on Facebook he investigated to find out if the tickets were stolen and if they were purchased, by whom since there was a four ticket limit.

"There seems to be five different transactions by five different people at different times using five different payment methods, perhaps they pooled their tickets," Solis said.

It turns out that the tickets are real and that they were paid for and they will get you in the front door.

But if anybody buying them from this seller or any other, will have to fork out the cash.

But it's not always the case that the tickets are legit.

"I always tell people to be cautious when buying through a secondhand market like social media and other websites," Solis said.

There's no law in the state of Texas saying what this man is doing is illegal, but Solis says if he or anyone else tries to do it in Hidalgo where reselling tickets at a higher price falls under the prohibited street vendor law, there will be consequences.

"If we were to find anyone reselling tickets in the city of Hidalgo police will then deal with them," Solis said.

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