Ghost caught on tape in Sebastian?

Ghost? Or is there a more rational explanation?

Could it be a ghost? Or is there a more rational explanation?

That's what Sebastian resident Chris Cavazos is asking herself.

The Willacy County woman believes she may have encountered the supernatural early Sunday morning.

Cavazos said her truck driver boyfriend is on the road a lot and she installed a security camera at the home last year.

The Sebastian woman said she was on the phone with her boyfriend and casually looking at the screen when something caught her eye.

What appeared to be an orb of light was moving in and out of the screen.

Cavazos admits she was too scared to go outside to investigate but recorded what she was seeing.

After snapping several pictures and recording videos, Cavazos said her next move was sprinkle Holy Water on the door.

Cavazos didn't make it to church on Sunday morning but said she wanted to share the video with Action 4 News viewers.