Girl claims sexual assault by teen inmate at detention center

A Brownsville woman says her teenage daughter was subjected to unwanted sex acts while she was in a juvenile detention center and now wants authorities to take action.

Action 4 News is not releasing either of their identities to protect the minor.

"They're not going to do anything about it," says the mother of the teenage girl.

The Brownsville mom is outraged after her 15-year old daughter wa sent to the Darrel Hester Juvenile Detention Center for getting in a fight at school.

The girl claims she was sexually assaulted by another inmate while she was serving out her 30-day sentence.

"She said the girl put her hands inside her panties and did what she did," the upset mother said.

The teen told her mom that on November 28th she was reading her Bible in the commons area right outside her room at the detention center and was approached by a 16-year-old girl.

"All the inmates went with the guard, like making sounds screaming laughing almost distracting the guard and this girl stayed with my daughter," the mother said.

She apparently didn TMt yell out for help because the girl threatened to hurt her if she did.

Once released from custody, her mother immediately noticed a change in the teen.

"My daughter would cry all night," the mother recalled. "The second day passed and she kept crying and crying, she finally said mom this is embarrassing. She told me the girl penetrated her with her finger several times."

Now, this mom wants answers and action taken against the teen who allegedly sexually assaulted her daughter.

She says the detention center didn't do enough to keep her safe while she was there.

"I trusted them," the mother said. "The guards are supposed to be watching them, they're minors not adults."

The alleged victim is now on anti-depressants and seeing a therapist for her emotional issues stemming from the alleged attack.

"I feel sad, dirty, depressed and angry," the 15-year-old girl told Action 4 News.

The girl, now down to 95 pounds, has had to change schools and try to start over, but says the incident has stolen her youth.

"I don't feel like myself anymore," said the girl with tears rolling down her face.

The family filed charges against the teenager who allegedly committed the acts.

TheSan Benito Police Department is investigating the allegations.

Action 4 News spoke to Tommy Ramirez, the director of the detention center, who says the teens at the center are always supervised and cameras are rolling 24/7.

Unfortunately, he says the tapes are deleted every six or seven days and the girl didn't come forward with her allegations until weeks later so there is no record of the incident.

Ramirez says the center has been cooperative with police as they conduct their investigation on the incident.