Girl Scout cookies sales remain strong in Valley

It's cookie season again and Girl Scouts all over the nation are out in full force.

But even the Girl Scouts haven't escaped the economic hardships.

Claudia Menchaca, Girl Scout Marketing Director for South Texas, told Action 4 News that 2008 was a weak year for the organization.

But Menchaca said they actually are seeing a big jump in sales in the Rio Grande Valley.

"We are actually up by 15 % so far," she said. "We did it just on our pre-orders alone we outdid out loses last year."

On Monday, the Girls Scouts of America announced that due to the increase of ingredients and transportation, cookie boxes were going to shrink by an ounce or less.

All this in an effort to make sure that prices wouldn't be affected.

Menchaca said the peanut butter salmonella scare

"Two of our cookies do contain peanut butter which is the Tag-a-lons and Do-sees-dos, which is a big favorite cookie," she said. "But we were not affected by the peanut butter recall our cookies are safe."

Not only are they safe to eat but it's also creating big numbers for the Valley.

"We are still expecting to sell at least 5,000 more cases so were hoping by the end of the event, which ends march 8th, we will be up by a lot more," she said.

Menchaca believes the impressive cookie sales are setting the example.

"We did talk to representatives from the bakery and they were very impressed that our numbers were up by such a large amount," she said.