Girl told she's "too fat" to wear nice clothes at school

Mary Ann's daughter gets told she's "fat" daily at her middle school

Mary Ann Silva is living every parents fear, her child is being bullied at school.

"When I picked her up from school she was crying because she had a brand new jacket and it was covered with melted chocolate."

The student at Vernon Middle School would then get another jacket to wear and when one of the alleged bullies asked to borrow it, she let her thinking it would cut the tension.

"She said, oh I'm so sorry your jacket fell in the mud and then there was a food fight and it got cheese on it also."

But the issues with her clothing were just the tip of the iceberg; the girl was in for even more pain, the kind that is hard to shrug off.

"They call me fat and they just stare at me up and down and laugh. A group of like ten girls telling me stuff," says the 12-year-old.

Mom can't take one more day of watching her child endure the ridicule, especially knowing that it's affecting the young girl's self esteem.

Mary Ann has gone to the principal TMs office and superintendent's office and says the girls continue to harass her daughter so she took the complaint to police fearful her daughter would be so traumatized she may hurt herself.

"They want me to go up the ladder to talk to someone but in the meantime what is going to happen to my little girl?"

The student just wants it to stop, so she can enjoy the rest of her 7th grade year without worrying about who is following her down the hall and what they might do to her.

Harlingen CISD assures us they are looking into the matter and say they do not tolerate bullying at any of their campuses.

They encourage students to report bullying immediately to adults.