Girlfriend alleges Halloween kidnapping, carjacking was a misunderstanding

Carlos Bustamante remains in custody

A teen wanted for allegedly kidnapping an infant and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle remains in custody at the Judge Mario E. Ramirez Jr. Juvenile Justice Center.

According to Pharr police, Carlos Bustamante stole a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix on Halloween night.

His family and girlfriend told Action 4 News the whole incident is a big misunderstanding.

The whole situation is out of control, girlfriend Rose Mary Olvera said.

Bustamante allegedly left the infant in a church parking lot after the 5-month-old TMs mother contacted police.

He was arrested on Saturday for kidnapping, child endangerment and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Olvera was with him the night it all happened and claimed at first her boyfriend had no idea the child was in the car.

She had the kid in the car, my boyfriend didn TMt know because he had earphones on, Olvera said.

Olvera said the alleged victim gave Bustamante permission to drive the car.

She had told my boyfriend that he could use the car because she supposedly couldn TMt see without her glasses, Olvera said.

She claimed she asked the victim to not bring her infant child to the social gathering.

Once there, she neglected the child as she hung out with friends.

She told my boyfriend to cruise around with the kid, she said.

Bustamante TMs sister, Maria Bustamante is a mother herself, she said she understands the victims concerns regarding her child.

I would have been scared because I would go crazy for her (my daughter), she said. But I wouldn TMt leave her in the car by herself.

Maria and Olvera both hope no charges will be brought against Bustamante.

Although they both admit Bustamante was wanted for violating his probation.

There are two things they could do, they can modify his probation or they can bring in the new charges, Bustamante TMs defense attorney, Eloy Sepulveda said.

For now, he remains in custody.

His one night of Halloween fun, could turn to serious charges if enough evidence is brought against him.