Giving the gift of life through organ donation

Over a million Texans ready to give the gift of life, but more organ donors are need.

Abby DeAnda was only 17 years old when she lost her life in a tragic car accident back in 2006.

But today, Abby's living proof of the gift of life.

Abby's father Luis DeAnda tells Action 4 News, "Through her death she was able to touch six people's lives through organ donation."

The six people Abbey DeAnda saved range from age six to sixty eight.

Abby's father hopes other people will become organ donor's just like his daughter.

Luis DeAnda says, "It's giving a person a second chance at life."

The Texas Organ Sharing Alliance says the number of people needing organs in our area is in the thousands.

Trisha Barrera says, "About 4,000 people need a transplant about 3,000 people they need a kidney transplant in this area."

By donating your organs you can save the lives of up to 8 people.

Abby's father hopes by sharing his daughters story, others will become organ donors, to give another person a chance of survival.

DeAnda says through those survivors, his daughter is living.

Luis DeAnda says, "It's a strength it is a comfort because we did love her as she was our hero but we feel she's not deceased today she's walking right now I always tells that to people because my wife always says my daughter is not dead, she walks right now in six people's lives." You can become an organ donor by contacting the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance or signing up at your local DMV office.