Got bee problems?

When thousands of bees turned up outside Perla Aleman TMs Edinburg home, she turned to Edinburg Fire Department for help.

"They said they couldn't help me, Perla said. They asked if somebody had been stung.

The bees didn TMt sting anyone, so firefighters didn TMt respond, according to Perla.

But with no money for pest control, frustration swarmed over her with the recent news of what can happen if bees do attack.

Perla is trying to avoid injuries.

"I have heard of incidents where people have actually died from a bee sting," Perla said.

To help keep her family safe, she called Action 4 News for help.

Adrian Esparza Jr., a third generation professional with Esparza Pest Control, determined the area was safe.

The bumble bees have no hive and pose little risk if left undisturbed, according to owner Adrian Esparza Sr.

"I TMm right next to thousands of bees, Esparza said. All they are doing is pollinating."

The news is a relief to Perla.

Esparza encourages anyone who encounters a problem with bees to contact a professional to check it out.

Anyone who is attacked by bees, should contact 9-1-1, he said.

At the request of Action 4 News, Acting Fire Chief Ubaldo Perez personally met with Perla to share the department TMs policy on bees.

Her initial fear was that firefighters turned their backs on her problem with bees.

"The City of Edinburg does not have a license by the state to do any kind of pest control, the chief said. The only time we do assist citizens is when they are being attacked because now it's a life-safety issue."

Perla didn TMt realize how calls for pest control services from the fire department, pull valuable resources and manpower away from more life-threatening incidents.

The fire department responded to about 200 cases of bee attacks in 2011, according to Ubaldo.

It TMs great to know they took the time to explain this to me| thanks to them and Esparza Pest Control, she said.

If a problem is stinging you, one call can bring action!

"Don't hesitate to call Channel 4 News," Perla said.

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