Gov. Perry announces 700 new jobs in Harlingen visit

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was in Harlingen on Tuesday where he announced that 700 jobs and millions of dollars are coming to town.

"United Health Care is gonna be great for Harlingen," Texas Gov. Rick Perry said at a press conference.

Perry said an old supermarket that has been vacant for years off Ed Carey Drive will have a second lease on life.

The old Albertson's grocery store is under renovation to make way for the United Health Care Group Service Center, which will provide 700 jobs locally within the next few years.

"Harlingen's going to be good for United Health Care because of the culture and hard working people," Perry said.

The Governor calls the development real money and told Action 4 News that it would not have been possible if he had accepted President Obama's stimulus money.

Action 4 News asked Perry to explain his statement and it means for South Texas.

Perry said had he not rejected President Obama's stimulus money for unemployment, big companies like United Health Care wouldn't be able to provide these types of opportunities.

This company would be one of those hit by Washington's forced expansion of unemployment in the State of Texas," Perry said.

The Texas governor said Texans and Rio Grande Valley residents are ready to get back to work with no strings attached.

"They would rather get a job and a paycheck, rather than a stipend," Perry said.

The Mayor of Harlingen Chris Boswell said the focus shouldn't be on what might have been when it comes to other monies.

Instead, he's excited about the future with United Health Care.

"I don't think Harlingen or the Valley is struggling," Boswell said. "We TMve weathered the recession and right now the Valley is the best place in Texas to be."

To apply for a job with United Health Care Group in Harlingen, go to