Government to block virus-infected computers starting Monday

The government has known about an insidious computer virus for months.

But on Monday, they TMre gonna block all infected computers from using the Internet.

Computer security expert Rey Anzaldua spoke to Action 4 News about the problem.

He said the FBI caught the people who created the virus known as the DNS Changer Malware.

But they couldn't stop it before then because then everyone infected would've been affected right away.

Instead, they delayed shutting it down until Monday to allow time for people to clear the malware from they're system.

Anzaldua says this particular virus does not attack your computer's hard drive, just the internet connection.

"This one was specifically designed to essentially intercept your call to the Internet and redirect it to where they wanted it to go, he said.

To remove the malware, Anzaldua recommends running an anti-virus program, which should be able to detect it.

The government has also created a website that allows people to test their computers.

It also walks you through the steps to remove it.

Anzaldua said finding the link is as easy as searching for DNS Changer Malware on an internet server.

While this particular virus only affects your Internet connection, Anzaldua said others can be much more damaging.

He recommends always having an anti-virus program for your computer.