Governor candidate says border issues span to Houston and Dallas

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

It's his 6th visit to the valley since announcing his bid for governor of Texas.

"I will be ensuring that the Rio Grande Valley plays a very real role in the future of this state and I, as your governor, will be deeply connected to the valley."

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott speaking to a large crowd in Harlingen Monday and touting his "We The People" platform.

"Privacy protection includes ethics reform, a heavy dose of protection of your personal freedom."

Action 4 News was given the opportunity to ask more about the issues facing the 4 counties that make up the Rio Grande Valley, and specifically border security.

"It does require additional personnel but part of the border related issue actually is not here on the border it's in cities like Houston and Dallas where violent gangs that do business with cartels are infiltrating schools. Part of the border solution is fighting in places hundreds of miles away from the border."

Abbott says he's planning a full rollout of his border plan in the coming months which indicates he will be back in the area soon.

He also made it very clear that his campaign is in absolute opposition of the current health care plan.

"This law is completely flawed. We need to come up with a new system to get more people covered and at a lower cost. I think we need to start all over again. Obamacare is a failed system that has destroyed the lives of Texans and we're going to put a stop to it."

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