Governor Rick Perry for President?

If Republican Governor Rick Perry runs for president and wins, don't expect much change in Texas.

That's according to Hollis Rutledge, an Action 4 News political analyst and a Republican.

Rutledge said the state is stacked with potential Republican replacements.

"We do have a very good strong pull of individuals with good solid backgrounds and experiences, said Rutledge.

If Perry becomes president, Rutledge said the Rio Grande Valley stands to gain big improvement in border security.

"Governor Perry understands border security, because he's lived it, said Rutledge. Unfortunately Washington does not feel the pain and the experience that we're having here."

On a national level, Rutledge said Perry would focus on two issues: jobs and economic growth.

But would Perry cut government spending?

Less than a block from Rutledge's office, Action 4 News found Hilario Solis, a retiree living off social security benefits.

He said he fears a Republican president, even one from Texas, could reduce his government benefits.

It covers very little, said Solis. The rent, the electricity, the telephone, that TMs it. Rutledge said fixing the budget would be Perry's priority.

He said that job will come at a cost to some Americans.

A group called Americans for Perry reportedly opened up shop in Iowa's capital, anticipating Perry's possible run.

Perry has also met with potential donors.

Aleady some of Perry's supporters are hoping to make advances in Washington.

Several lobbyists are courting influential Republicans on Capitol Hill to support Gov. Perry if he decides to run for president.

The group launched a website