GPS tracker leads authorities to stolen truck

Edinburg police Lt. Oscar Trevino

Owners of a stolen truck are warning other drivers to never leave a car engine running unattended.

George Luna put a $2,000 down payment on a blue Ford Ranger.

On Thursday morning Luna was getting ready to go to work and decided to turn on the engine to warm up the engine.

He went inside to say goodbye to his family.

"I Walked outside and then my truck was gone, through the front. That TMs TM it. It was gone," Luna said.

Luna contacted police telling them the vehicle has a GPS tracker.

"Then he found it and then the chase went on from there," Luna said.

Edinburg police, DPS troopers and Hidalgo County deputies chased the suspect by land and air until he finally crashed into this fence near Sunflower Road and Dude Lane.

"There was a report that the suspect that the suspect did during the chase crash into several fences," Edinburg Police Lt. Oscar Trevino said.

Leaving behind a trail of destruction.. the suspect wasn't done running.

He got out of the badly damaged truck and ran towards nearby homes.

The suspect was then taken to the hospital in police custody.

"He appeared to be under the influence of an unknown drug, Lt. Trevino said. Crack cocaine."

Police confirmed that a red truck parked near Luna TMs home belonged to the suspect.

"There was a red truck parked on the side, Luna said. When I called the cops that truck, obviously he left that truck there and took mine."

Now that the chase is over, Luna wants other drivers to take extra precaution when leaving for work in the morning.

"Don't warm up your car and make sure you in it when you warm it up, Luna said. Don TMt leave it."