Grabbing life by the pedals

Louis Greif bikes 10 to 30 miles every single day.

"I TMm in Port Isabel and then I go up to Bayview and up that way."

He used to just visit the valley, but 5 years ago made a permanent move to Laguna Vista and spends as much time soaking in the outdoors as possible.

"The weather is perfect."

Action 4 News spotted Louis cycling down Highway 100 and just had to find out more about his unusual bike.

"They call them hand-cycles. You pedal with your hands, most have 3 wheels for balance and they have a shifting mechanism so you can shift up and down."

Louis uses his hands because his feet and legs can't do the cycling for him. He's paralyzed from the waist down.

"I was in a car accident 27 years ago and I didn't have my seatbelt on and I went out through the windshield. I broke my back."

In those 27 years, Louis says he's kept moving just as he would if he had the use of his lower body and says nothing will stop him from enjoying life.

"There are hand cycles, handicap ski equipment, water skiing equipment, different things."

Louis hand-cycles alone since there is no one else he has met in the valley who uses a bike like his.

We had a big group back in Iowa.

Still, people in the valley have made him feel like he's right at home when he's out pedaling away even if it TMs something they TMre not used to seeing.

"When I first came down here and started to bike I didn't know how people would react. It's just funny how most of them learn that you're there. They're so friendly."

Louis bikes every day down Highway 100 near Laguna Vista and invites anyone, handicap or not, to join him.