Graduate reacts to special surprise from military father stationed overseas

Lupe Loya will vividly remember this surprise for the rest of his life.

A Military father surprises his son by taking some time from training in Germany and going to his high school graduation.A surprise that Guadalupe Loya III will never forget since just days before graduating from Raymondville High School, his father told him he wasn't going to be able to make it.However, Loya wasn't surprised that one of the most important people in his life would not be in the crowd to witness his big moment."He wasn't going to show up cause I knew he was in Germany and they wouldn't let him go," Loya said.Throughout his life, Lupe TMs dad, army first class Sgt. Guadalupe Loya II, constantly moved across the world.For the last twenty years, he has been stationed in Korea, Fort Riley and Fort Hood.In the past several years, Loya's dad only visited him two to three times for a period of one week.He missed many highlights of Loya's life including seeing him succeed as a star athlete."It TMs been the same thing like that in sports, like he's never made it to a game," Loya said. "It TMs been tough."However, little did Loya know that at the last minute the army paid for his dad to attend his graduation.Last Friday, on graduation day, Sgt. First Class Guadalupe Loya II handed his son his diploma."I saw my stepmom there and I was like man she is here but my dad's not and when they called my name I heard first class sergeant Loya and I was like what - that TMs not my name," Loya said. "And he comes running I was like wow, it got me."Loya immediately broke out in tears while he embraced his dad for the first time in almost a year."The sun was right on him and there was like a light on him and I didn't know what to do," Loya said.It was quite the surprise for everyone - the graduate's step-mom was there, presumably on her husband's behalf.Not even, Loya's mom knew her ex-husband was going to make it to their son's graduation."I was in shock, I was like oh my God," Maricela Rivas said. "I was glad that he was here. I was really happy for Lupe because I now he hadn't been here for any of his games or anything; this was really important that he was here."A surprise, that now Loya will vividly remember the rest of his life."He is like I love you son and just hugged me," Loya said.Loya's father will be in the Valley until Friday, and then he heads back to Germany.The father and son will reunite again in July when his training is done.