Grandfather gone without a trace

Since June 8th, San Juanita De La Rosa hasn't had a good night's sleep.

"Two maybe three hours."

Her dad Modesto De La Rosa left his house on Doherty in Mission walking toward Mile 3 and Los Ebanos, a long trek on foot, but something the 70 year old man did often.

Except that day, he disappeared.

"My daughter saw him outside my house and then he was gone and we never saw him again."

Nearly 4 months have passed since a search by law enforcement was called off. Canals were drained but no sign of Modesto. The family hasn't stopped looking.

"I go to hospitals, to day care centers, everywhere looking for him."

Not knowing if he is alive or dead has forced the family into a constant state of depression and it's taken a major toll on San Juanita's mom.

"She's depressed, she won't take her medication. I might lose my mom now too."

Every time San Juanita spots a man her father's age, she takes a second look thinking it might be Modesto. And every time, it's not him.

"The was a man down the street on a bike and it looked like my dad."

The family asks the public to look closely at his pictures, the noticeable scar on his forehead and then look around, maybe he's the man sitting alone at a park, or walking aimlessly around a neighborhood as he attempts to find his way back home.

Maybe just maybe, their worst fears haven't come true.

"I don't know what to think, some days I have good days and somedays they are bad. I just don't know."

Mission Police say Modesto's case is by no means a closed one. Officers know what he looks like and that he is still considered missing.

Police are also in contact with authorities in certain parts of Mexico where Modesto has family but nothing has surfaced.

He's also still listed on the Texas Crime Information Center, T.C.I.C, so if law enforcement in any area of the state find him, they will know he is a missing person.

If you believe you see a man fitting Modesto's description, contact your local authorities.