Green light for fireworks in rural areas

Cameron and Hidalgo County leaders have given the green light for fireworks this Fourth of July weekend.

However, leaders are still urging caution.

A burn ban is in effect in Cameron County.

Emergency Deputy Coordinator Charles Hoskins said Monday that the lack of a ban does not mean conditions are not dry and flammable.

Hoskins said if you plan to pop fireworks in Cameron County areas, look for places where there is not much brush.

Just a little spark can lead to a major fire.

"It doesn't take very long, because cigarettes start fires all the time in other parts of the country and we just want people to be cautious and take extra precautions," explained Hoskins.

Popping fireworks inside city limits is prohibited and violators will be fined.

Currently, Hidalgo County is under a burn ban.

Hidalgo County Fire Marshal Tony Pea said residents should use caution in the area because of the dry conditions.

He advised keeping a bucket of water nearby just in case fireworks spark a blaze.