Greg Abbott appeals to Hispanic voters in the Valley

Crowd coming to see Greg Abbott

A day after announcing his candidacy for Texas governor, Attorney General Greg Abbot made an effort to claim the Hispanic vote.

I wanted to be here on the first full day of my campaign so the Valley knows that they will have a governor who cares about them. Who understands them," Abbott said.

Abbott told a crowd of supporters at El Pato in McAllen that as Attorney General, he is no stranger to the issues facing South Texas.

"One-I've been combating human trafficking; two, I TMve been combating child predators, three-I've been working on arresting those that are maybe involved in cartel type crimes," Abbott said.

In the past Abbott has written to President Barack Obama demanding more man power on the border.

It TMs an issue he now carries into his campaign for Texas Governor.

"We need to have an improved legal immigration system, we need to have an improved border security system, we can achieve that and we demand that from our United States congress," Abbott said.

Abbott is confined to a wheelchair, partially paralyzed after a tree limb fell on him while jogging years ago.

"I TMm a person who has faced some tough challenges, life altering challenges l literally broke my back," Abbott said.

In sharing his life challenges, Abbott hopes to gain the Valley TMs Hispanic vote.

A difficult thing to do in a mostly democratic region of the state.

He has, however, won many local republicans vote.

Greg Abbott will listen to the Hispanic voters and I think he is open to the Hispanic voters, and I think he is going to bring a new fresh start to the Valley, Hidalgo County Republic Women president Hilda Garza said.

Abbott joins Tom Pauken as a fellow announced GOP candidate, but at this time, no Democrat has announced a bid for governor.

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