Grenade attack near Brownsville bridge has authorities on high alert

Wednesday afternoon it was business as usual at the B&M Bridge in Brownsville but was a complete contrast from the night before.

They advised me that they had heard that a grenade had exploded right here for what is known as the B&A or the Brownsville - Matamoros Bridge," said Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

Tuesday evening authorities told Action 4 that an incident in Mexico was prompting them to be on high alert.

Whenever there is an incident we are in constant communication with Mexico with our counterparts in Mexico and of course we utilize any media we can to get the information we need," said Eddie Perez with Customs and Border Protection.

Although authorities are not releasing too much information about what exactly happened in Matamoros, with the constant news of drug cartel battles and gunfights we can only assume its somehow related.

Sheriff Omar Lucio told Action 4 this incident isn TMt the first time that repercussions of crime in Mexico reach Brownsville.

There was one or 2 bullets that winded up here at the University of Texas at which is also Texas Southmost College."

And with the fear that the violence may spill over Lucio said the county isn TMt taking any chances.

We do have a special swat team that constantly practices with the Brownsville Police Department, Harlingen Police Department and San Benito Police Department and on events like that we can call on them so they can respond in the event anything escalades to this side."

Lucio explained within minute TMs officers would be in place to cover all international bridges in Cameron County.