Grenade left with warning on South Padre Island's Beach Access 6

South Padre Island TMs Beach Access 6 has been reopened following a grenade scare.

It all happened at an RV that was left on a beach three miles north of the Beach Access 6 entrance.

Authorities received a report that the RV was left abandoned with two a warning and two grenades strapped outside.

The warning said two Navy seals live in the RV, that it was booby trapped and trespassers were being filmed.

It took officials about 7 hours to secure the area and safely confiscate what turned out to be a total of three dud grenades.

Authorities made contact with the RV owner via cell phone.

The Edinburg man confirmed that he let two former Navy seals stay at his RV.

Authorities say they found no one inside the RV.

The isolated Beach Accesses have been known to attract drug smugglers but investigators said they don't know what the RV was being used for.