Grieving widow says funeral home never called her before her loved one was cremated

Susan Kersey said It TMs been hard dealing with her husband TMs death especially since, she has never had to bury anyone.

She said that her situation went from bad to worse, after she called the answering service at Heavenly Grace Memorial Park.

Kersey said a lack of communication between her and funeral director Ruben Rodriguez resulted in services, she did not request.

Kersey said "There should have been two phone calls made, one to me right when they received his body| [Mrs. Kersey,] Mr. Kersey is now here at the mortuary, the second phone call should have been made to me before they cremated him..[Mrs. Kersey] we are getting ready for the cremation, is there anyone else that needed to see him before we do this"

Ruben Rodriguez funeral director said that according to the paperwork Mrs. Kersey signed, that wasn't what she requested.

Ruben Rodriguez funeral director at Heavenly Grace Memorial Park released a statement.

Rodriguez said while Mrs. Kersey asked for a direct cremation, meaning there is no viewing or embalming, they made an exception for his daughter to view his remains, because she lived out of state.Rodriguez said he was never told Mrs. Kersey wanted to view her husband's body, so therefore proceeded with the cremation; had Mr. Kersey purchased a traditional cremation, they would have held a viewing for all family members and friends.

However... Mrs. Kersey says it all boils down to misinformation and not enough communication.

Kersey said "There TMs just so much|. It all could have just not happened, if they just had communication."

Rodriguez said that he understands Mrs. Kersey is going through a hard time, they are looking into changing their answering service.

A memorial Service will be held at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Nov. 29th at 10 am.

Funeral will be at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia with full military honors.