Group hopes to raise awareness about genetically modified food

A group of protestors gathered Saturday afternoon for a march from the IMAS museum to the McAllen Public library.

It is all an effort to raise awareness about the alleged dangers of genetically modified food.

According to the protestors, many fruits and vegetables found in our grocery stores are treated with harmful chemicals.

"We want GMO free and cancer free, attendee Abigail Gonzalez said.

"We're at here to raise awareness about what in our food allergies have increased by over 400-percent and our children autoimmune disease have increased since the introduction of genetically modified organism." They want to see food labels on the crops, so that consumers know exactly what they're eating.

According to Moms Across America, a coalition of mothers dedicated to educating the public about pesticides, Over 5 billion pounds of these poisons have been sprayed on our food and animal feed crops, schoolyards, and parks.

Local organic farmers also joined the event.