Group leads fallen heroes to resting place

It is the first indication of a military funeral service, and one that many Valley residents saw Tuesday morning, the procession being led by the Patriot Guard Riders

"It's very unfortunate for this young man, 20-years-old, yeah very unfortunate," Larry Perkins told Action 4 News.

The men and women of the Patriot Guard Riders re called to lead the funeral processions for fallen servicemen and women and veterans.

"I've been doing this for approximately three years," Perkins said.

With American flags leading the way, the members of that group lead American heroes to their final resting place.As with other rituals in a military funeral service, the majority of the Patriot Guard Riders were also at one time in the military themselves.

"I'm also a Vietnam veteran and it'd been nice if we would TMve had the same courtesy when we came back, Perkins added. Unfortunately we didn TMt."

It is because of that, that Perkins felt an even greater need to show his support for those like Lance Corporal Derek Hernandez and his family.

"It is an honor for me to do this," he concluded. An honor he said every valley resident should feel for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Membership into the Patriot Guard Riders is open to the public.There is no requirement for military service.To find out more, visit their website.