Group works to restore historic cemetery

Brownsville City Cemetery

The Brownsville Historical Association is working to restore the Old City Cemetery which dates back to the 1850 TMs.

When you walk through the cemetery you notice time was not kind to the cemetery, time never is, Rhiannon Cizon with the Brownsville Historical Association said.

The cemetery was once a hot-bed for gang activity and vandalism.

But in 2007 the Brownsville Historical Association became stewards of the cemetery.

They secured a $40,000 grant to install lights and cameras to deter vandals and gang activity.

"In the six years since we received it, we have repaired well over 200 mausoleums and tombstones and while that doesn TMt seem like a lot many of the ones we have repaired were severely damaged," Cizon said.

Cizon said B.H.A. hopes to preserve the cemetery which is home to many people who helped settle and shape the city of Brownsville.

Repairing a tombstone requires a very careful hand but also requires money and time and people, Cizon said.

The cemetery is a nationally recognized historic site that helps attract tourism to the area.

"During the Winter Texan season we have a lot of tourists during the summer we have a lot of school groups come through and camp groups come through. They all want information and to learn more," Cizon said.

She says it will take more time and money to preserve this piece of Brownsville history.