Gulf Cartel leader caught in Reynosa faces judge

Gilberto Barragan-Balderas / AP Photo

A Gulf Cartel leader and two other men will remain in custody for at least 40 more days after facing a federal judge.

Mexico TMs Attorney General TMs Office (PGR) reported that Gilberto Barragan-Balderas and the others have been arraigned in Mexico City.

Balderas, who went by the nickname El Tocayo or "The Name Twin," has been charged with organized crime, marijuana and firearms charges.

Federal police arrested Barragan-Balderas, Sergio Guerra-Castaon and Romeo Eduardo Mejia-Gonzalez in Reynosa on Friday.

Authorities believe Barragan-Balderas is the Gulf Cartel plaza boss for Miguel Aleman, which is located across the Rio Grande River from Roma, Texas.

Barragan-Balderas was on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration TMs (DEA) Most Wanted List where authorities had issued a $5 million dollar reward for his capture.

All three men remain in custody in Mexico City where prosecutors continue to work on their case against him.