Gulf Cartel leader "El Junior" sentencing postponed amid secret motion

Brownsville Federal Courthouse

The sentencing for Gulf Cartel leader known as "El Junior" has been postponed following a secret motion filed in federal court.

Rafael Cardenas-Vela was supposed to be sentenced on July 19th but that has been pushed back to October.

Neither prosecutors not defense attorneys could immediately be reached for comment but court records confirmed the change.

Federal court records show a sealed motion was filed before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen on Tuesday.

Judge Hanen issued a sealed order in the case on Wednesday.

Sentencing for Cardenas-Vela is now set for October 24th.

Cardenas-Vela was arrested with two bodyguards during a traffic stop in Port Isabel back in October 2011.

The nephew of two high-ranking Gulf Cartel leaders, Cardenas-Vela owned two homes in Cameron County.

Those homes were forfeited after he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy drug charge in March 2012.

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