Gun battle prompts patrols by Starr Co. deputies

Mexican military helicopters circled the skies over the Roma International Bridge, as armed Starr County Sheriff deputies patrolled on land.

Starr County resident Alicia Campos said it TMs a scene that TMs become all too familiar.

A gun battle had reportedly broke-out on the Mexican side of the border. Campos said life along the border just isn't what it used to be.

"We just don TMt want violence over here on this side of the border - it gets scary sometimes," Campos said. "We want just to be safe here in our homes."

Sheriff Rene Fuentes said the gun battle Saturday morning was between Mexican Military soldiers and alleged drug cartels.

It started around 9:30 a.m. on the streets of Ciudad Miguel Aleman, across from the Roma Bridge.

Fuentes sent deputies to the port of entry while U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers warned people crossing into Mexico about the possible danger.

At one point, Fuentes said, at least four Mexican military choppers were in the skies above the border.

He said his deputies stayed on the ground to protect Americans against any possible spillover violence.

Campos said years ago, these gun battles were unheard of.

"We don TMt sleep like we used to sleep then, we could open our doors, and you know, be very calm and everything, Campos said. But nowadays, we don't."

Campos wants more boots on the ground along the border.

She said with so many people crossing into the U.S., she can't be sure they're all here for good reasons.

She's hopes prayer will help resolve the frightening situation.

"I TMve been praying for the president and for every governor to take over because the violence has gotten really bad over here on this side, Campos said. I just wish and I TMm praying to God that all this ends."

Sheriff Fuentes said the gun battles are all too common, but adds his department is doing its best to keep danger out of the U.S.