Gun deal ends with three arrested outside Mission supermarket

Three men are behind bars after they tried to exchange guns outside a Mission supermarket.

It all happened at Foy's Supermarket off Expressway 83 around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

Mission police told Action 4 News that investigators believe the men were trying to exchange guns.

A customer coming into the supermarket called in with tip.

Officers quickly responed to the scene and arrested the driver.

Mission police evacuated the supermarket because they believed the two men that fled ran inside.

Investigators later learned did not go inside the store and located them at a tire shop near Palmview.

Polive allegedly found two guns inside the car, one 9mm hand gun and a rifle.

They also found several ski masks and latex gloves.

It's not clear what the men were going to use the guns, ski maks and gloves for.

The names of the suspects were not immediatebly released.