Gun dealers say gun control already exists

Gun control

Rio Gun Club owner Jeremy Riley said he TMs hoping the issue of gun control is settled soon.

Like him, several gun shop dealers tell Action 4 News they've heard of no feasible suggestions on gun control from law makers.

Some argue that's because the necessary gun laws already exist.

"I haven't seen any new laws come in to place that make any sense, two, that have done anything to slow-down guns going to violent criminals, Riley said. We've seen an increase of people wanting to own guns for protection, and fear that the government is going to do away with (guns) and they won't be able to obtain them."

Licensed gun dealers said when a customer goes into their shop to buy a gun, they are already required to fill out a 4473 form.

After answering a list of questions, the information is called into to the FBI. If the agency does not clear it, the person listed on the application cannot purchase the gun.

One of the questions asks about mental illness " the applicant has the option to check yes or no.

"With the exception of the mental illness, all the other (areas) - when a person commits a felony a person has a record, Riley said. But if someone is entered into a mental institution there's no record that can be traced. I think better record keeping on mental illness would be something that could greatly help."

While some gun dealers said requiring background checks at gun trade shows would actually benefit their business, since it would draw less people to the shows, Riley believes more gun control laws will hurt the industry and law abiding citizens.

"Everyone of the shootings that have happened "Newtown, Aurora, all over - they were all purchased through legal means, Riley said. All of these background checks they are trying to do, wouldn TMt have stopped any one of those incidents from happening."