Gun licenses for La Joya ISD police officers

La Joya ISD is allowing their police force to qualify for their gun licenses.

They want their officers to be highly trained in case of a dangerous situation on school grounds this upcoming school year.

However, although officers regularly patrol the hallways with a handgun attached to their belt, that is not the only gun they need to know how to shoot.

"They have to be proficient in two types of weapons," said La Joya ISD Chief Raul Gonzalez. "The first one is their side arm, which is their handgun, the one that they use on a daily basis. The second weapon that they have to be proficient on is a shotgun." Chief Gonzalez said due to recent gun violence among young people in the United States as well as just across the border, these school police officers must be ready for anything. "We're hoping that we never use them, but we don't know if this program is going to stay around, so we wanted to take advantage of it right now," said Gonzalez. The new school year starts on August 27.

The La Joya ISD police force feels they will be ready enough to handle anything that comes their way.