Gun used in attempt to settle $3 dollar debt

Two men are facing serious charges for pulling a gun on a man to settle a $3 dollar debt.

Mission police said Jaydee Hernandez stole a gun from a car in the parking lot on Saturday.

Hernandez allegedly owed a man $3 dollars.

The man approached Hernandez, Juan Alvarez and two other men and brought up the debt.

But instead of handing over the money, Hernandez allegedly pulled the loaded, stolen gun on the driver.

The victim drove away and called police.

Cpl. Manuel Casas with the Mission Police Department spoke with Action 4 News about the case.

"These men knew each other, all of them knew each other, Cpl. Casas said. It TMs a terrible thing because it was all over $3 dollars. It TMs a terrible thing because someone could have lost their life."

Police arrested all four suspects, but only Hernandez and Alvarez are facing criminal charges.

Hernandez is charged with theft, deadly conduct and unlawful carry of a firearm.

Alvarez is charged with tampering with evidence because he allegedly hid the gun.

Hernandez has a bond set at $70,000 dollars while Alvarez has a bond of $50,000 dollars.