Gunmen still sought in death of ICE agent in Mexico

Crime Scene File Photo

Despite more than 20 arrests, authorities on both sides of the border are offering millions of dollars in rewards for the actual gunmen who killed a U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent in Mexico.

Mexico's Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported on Wednesday morning that it is offering $10 million pesos, or about $840,000 dollars, as a reward for the capture of the gunman responsible.

ICE agent Jaime Zapata was killed in a February 15th attack in San Luis Potosi that left fellow agent Victor Avila wounded.

PGR spokeswoman Jessica Bellamonte told Action 4 News on Wednesday morning that Mexican authorities are still searching for the actual gunmen who pulled the trigger.

Bellamonte said numerous Zetas leaders and members have been arrested but they connected to the drug trafficking organization TMs operations in San Luis Potosi.

The PGR spokeswoman said although they are connected to organized crime and the case, none of them actually pulled the trigger.

She said the actual gunman or gunmen have not been identified or arrested.

Mexican authorities arrested Zetas leader Julian Zapata-Espinoza (alias El Piolin) and 10 other people back in February.

A few days later, the Mexican marines in Saltillo also arrested Sergio Mora-Cortes (alias El Toto) and five others for the alleged connection to the case.

American officials arrested three men in the Dallas area as part of a weapons trafficking ring that bought the murder weapon used in the case.

ICE officials announced on Wednesday morning that they are also offering a $5 million dollars in rewards for information leading to the arrests of the gunmen.

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