Gunpoint carjacking suspect arraigned on aggravated robbery

Friday morning the Weslaco Police Department arraigned 17 year old Sergio Barbosa on aggravated robbery charges.Barbosa was captured after a traffic stop on Thursday at the 1000 block of West Pike in Weslaco at about 3:19 pm.The subject was allegedly part of the aggravated carjacking on May 5th 2014 at 11:13 pm at the 820 block of East Lincoln Street.On May 5th, police responded to a call of carjacking at the location where a tan colored GMC truck was taken.The victim of the carjacking had just arrived home and was parking her truck when she was approached by two suspects wearing ski masks.One suspect took out a black handgun and forced her out of the vehicle at gun point and both suspects took the truck.An officer nearby engaged in a pursuit with the stolen vehicle, and the pursuit ended at mile 9 north and mile 1 west when the suspects crashed into a palm tree.The suspects fled the scene of the crash, and they were on the run since then.At this point one man is still on the run as for Barbosa, he is facing a $500,000 bond.